1980 Moscow Olympics

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  • 1980 Moscow Games
    • first in eastern Europe a break in convention
    • 65 countries (including America) boycotted the games which is one quester of all Olympic participant countries
      • The boycott was led by Jimmy Carter the US president at the time.
      • This fueled the Cold War conflict between America and Russia where they threatened to fire nuclear weapons.
    • Context: The 65 countries boycotted because Russia in 1979 invaded Afghanistan to prevent them turning from a soviet state to a democracy. If Afghanistan had become a democracy it would of reduced Russia's control over eastern Europe.
    • Athletes: Some athletes competed under the Olympic flag instead of their country.
      • This was an opportunity for some athletes such as Allan Wells won gold in the 100metre race because the Americans didn't attend.
    • Diversity: 1 /5 (21%) of athletes were women.
    • Alternative game: Liberty Bell Classic


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