Olympic games case study

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  • Olympic games
    • Berlin 1938
      • Took place during Third Reich, when Hitler was chancellor of Germany
      • Hitler used the games to show case ideas of the Nazi Party and to gain sympathisers around the world
      • Hitler believed that by successfully running and a successful performance in the games that it would show case Germany's power under his control
      • However, Jesse Owens a black athlete won four gold medals
    • Mexico City 1968
      • Provided black athletes to protest the civil rights that were occurring in the USA at the time
      • The boycott of the games by black American athletes didn't happen so two athletes protested in a different way
      • Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised the 'black power' salute on the podium after winning gold and bronze in men's 200m and it highlighted the issue to the rest of the world
      • However, they were criticised for undermining ideas of the Olympic games by making political statements
    • Munich 1972
      • It was an opportunity for a Palestinian terrorist group 'black September' to make a political statement to achieve their goals
      • This put pressure on the Israeli government to release 234 Palestinian national who were imprisoned
      • They took 11 members of Israel's Olympic team hostage in the hotel and despite rescue efforts they were all killed
    • Moscow 1980
      • Following USSR's invasion of Afghanistan, the USA led boycott of olympic games
      • There was a reduced number of athletes and countries taking part in the games
    • Los Angeles 1984
      • In response to the US-led boycott of the Moscow games, the USSR led a boycott
      • 14 countries joined in which were mainly communist nations including East Germany
      • The reason was due to the over-commercialisation of the Olympic games and revenge for the boycott of the Moscow Olympic games


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