12. computer networks

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  • 12. Computer Networks
      • Printers and other peripherals can be shared, one per room, not one per computer.
      • Software can be shared – just install it on the server     
      • Files can be saved to the server – data can be accessed from any workstation.
      • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) - covers large areas, eg, a city.
      • Local Area Network (LAN) – self-contained within a single building or group of buildings, eg, a school.
      • Wide Area Network (WAN) - covers a much wider area, even worldwide, such as all the offices of a large corporation.
      • Networks allow the sharing of data, peripherals and software.
      • The server has a specialised network operating system to control user rights and to store individual users’ files.
      • A client-server network uses a server to control it.
      • Client-server networks allow centralised control over security and backup.
      • When there are more than two computers, the hub provides the connectivity.
      • A peer-to-peer network could just be two computers linked together that can share resources, eg, a printer.
      • Many homes use peer-to-peer.


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