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Chapter 10 Internet Technology

Electronic Mail
A system that allows users to send messages between each other via computers
on a network, messages can e sent to internal or external networks.

An email has a header:
Name and email address of sender and recipient
Date and time it was sent…

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Equipment needed to access the internet
Hardware Software
Computer Dialup Software to comment to ISP (provided by
Modem/Router Web browser to display pages e.g. Firefox
Telephone Line Email packages e.g. MS Outlook
ISDN Adopter FTP client e.g. WSFTP
ADSL Adopter
Network Interface Card

Parts of an IP Address

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Communication Technology

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Allows you to connect to the internet and transmit data over copper cables.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Bandwidth Hardware must be installed by engineer
Internet and the phone can be used at the Fibre Optic Cables
same time
Offer same upload and download speed…

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Another example of a PAN technology designed for sensors or remote control
devices that transmit at intervals. It can be arranged as a mesh and has 3 types of
Zigbee Coordination (ZC)
Zigbee End Divice (ZED)
Zigbee Router (ZR)
Advantages Disadvantages
Consumes little power Not widely supported


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