AQA INFO 2 ICT Notes and ALL Questions Answered.

I created these extensive notes for INFO 2 Revision. Specific to the AQA examination board. Also, the questions I have provided answers for are ACTUAL past paper examination questions! Feel free to distrubute and learn the content!! Any revision tips/advices then please let me know :) Please COMMENT AND RATE. ThankYou. Ibrahim.

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· These are my notes with ALL exam questions
ANSWERED to a FULL or very near FULL mark
Completed By: Ibrahim.…read more

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What is an ICT system? (4 marks)
An ICT system involves input of information, processing of the data to output information that goes
directly to a human.
Complete the following list of the components of an ICT system. (4 marks)
People, Data, Information, Hardware, Software, Procedures
Explain what is meant by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). (4 marks)
ICT is the input of data, processing of information, and the storage of data and output of information.…read more

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Superb. Cheers pal. UTG

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