Worship and key beliefs

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Why is a shrine holy?
It is considered holy due to its link to a person.
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What are the benfits of a place of worship?
There is room for lots of people. Design helps worship. Provides an atmosphere. Building places of worship shows devotion. God deserves the best!!!
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What are the reasons for not spending money on a place of worship?
Prayer/meditation doesnt require a place of worship. Could distract people from worship. Money should go to helping the less fortunate. People can worship at home. God doesnt want a place to be showy.
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Describe the exterior of a Buddhist place for worship.
Stalls sell flowers. There are small shrines. The shape of the stupa represents the 5 elements.
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Describe the interior of a Buddhist place of worship.
Shrine hall contains statue/picture of the Buddha. Vase of flowers (living things die) Lighted candles (enlightenment) Texts or Thangkas on the walls.
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Describe the exterior of a Christian place of worship.
Spires points to heaven. Bell tower calls worshipper to prayer. Circular dome represents eternity of God. Church shaped like cross. Stained glass windows are stories from Bible.
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Describe the interior of a Church of England church.
Main focus is the alter and holy communion. Pulpit/Lectern. Font is near the door (through baptism you enter the church) Confessionals (Catholic church)
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Describe the interior of an Orthodox church.
The alter is hidden behind a screen (represents separation between heaven and earth) Royal doors.
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Describe the interior of a Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed church.
The focal point is the pulpit. Communion table instead of alter. Some have font, others have bowl.
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What is the value of a religious building to an individual?
It helps them to focus on their faith and also shows commitment to their faith.
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What is the value of a religious building to a religion?
It is a place appropriate for the religion. It conveys the values of a religion. It provides a sense of community. Support.
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Why is it better to worship at home?
1-1 relationship with God. No distractions. Worship as you wish (no set pattern) Worship can take place at any time. God is everywhere. Cheaper to maintain.
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Why is it better to worship in a religious building?
Following a leader will ensure correct worship. Learn more about teachings of religion.
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What is a place of worship's place in community?
Religious ceremonies. Religious teaching. Educational purposes. Meeting places. Community centre. Social events. Provides hospitality.
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What is worship?
An act of religious praise, honor or devotion.
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What is merit-making?
The process of deserving earned by service or performance.
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What are types of worship?
Praying. Reading from sacred writings. Meditation. Music/singing. Sharing food. Listening to sermons. Celebration/rituals.
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What does worship enable Christians to do?
Allows them to thank God, ask for forgiveness, and respond to the love of Jesus.
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What are the set days of worship in Buddhism?
They dont have a set day but attend the temple on festival days.
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What are the set days to worship in Christianity?
Typically Sunday but New Testament doesnt testify. It is Sunday because its was the day Jesus rose from the dead and the Holy spirit came to the disciples.
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What do singing bowls do?
Assist in meditation and are supposed to release mantras.
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What do mandalas do?
Represent geometric design of the universe. Used in meditation. Detailed pictures help with concentration. Include symbolic features.
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What do icons and candles do?
Help focus during devotion. Cross symbolises resurrection while the crucifix symobolises Jesus' death for us. Candles are light of world and enlightenment. Incense is Gods presence.
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What do prayer beads do?
Help count repetition of prayers.chants or devotions. Rosary beads are Catholic. Japa Malas are Buddhist.
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What are prayer wheels and flags for?
Contain mantras. The prayer is said while the wheel is turned. It is turned clockwise. No merit is obtained from this. Prayer flags are the colours of the 5 elements.
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What is involved with Buddhist worship at the home?
They have a shrine room and recite the Three Refuges in order to gain good Karma.
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What does home worship involve?
Prayer and meditation to focus on the teachings.
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What are the two types of meditation and why are they performed?
Samatha-State of concentrated calmness Vipassana-Insight into the true nature of things. Buddhists meditate to follow in the Buddhas example and obtain enlightenment.
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What does worship in the temple involve?
Buddhists must remove shoes on entering the temple. People meditate and socialize while nuns or monks read sutras.
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What can you find within a Buddhist temple?
Flowers, candles and insence.
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What does Christian worship in the home involve?
A quiet time each day with God.
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How do Christians worship at home?
Read Bible notes. They meditate. Stories may be shared. Grace may be said before meals. Other prayers may be said at start/end of day.
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What is different about worship at the church?
Leader have a role to play in the service EG vicars may lead prayer.
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What might vicars do in the leading of a service?
Lead prayers and preach sermon.
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What is a liturgical service?
It is a set order to the worship including formal ritual based around the sacraments.
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What happens at a liturgical service?
Hymns are sung and sermons on biblical passages are read.
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What happens at a non-liturgical service?
There is singing of lots of modern hymns. Worshippers may dance. Spontaneous prayer may be said. People may speak in tongues. People may give testimonies.Youth services may be held.
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What is a pilgrimage?
A religious journey made for religious reasons. It is often to a place of religious significance.
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What is a relic?
An object of religious veneration, especially the piece of the body or a personal item of a holy person.
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Where might a pilgrim visit?
A place linked to the the founder/prophet. A place significant to the history. A place where a miracle occurred. A place where relics are kept. A place with special/famous architecture.
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Why might a person make pilgrimage?
To get close to the origins of their faith. To visualise where a prophet lived and journeyed. Reminds them of key events. Allows to focus on a special aspect. It may mean people obtain good karma. May result in the forgiveness of sins.
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Why might a person make pilgrimage? continued.
To be healed spiritually or physically. It may be a religious duty. May do it as its a life-changing experience. Refresh their faith.
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What are the negatives of pilgrmage?
It can cause physical hardship. Other people around may be a distraction. The journey may be expensive. You may not be in the correct physical state.
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What is the main purpose for Buddhist pilgrims?
To turn towards the Dharma, purify ones mind, earn merit, pay tribute to holy sites and people, seeks blessing and be inspired.
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What are the 4 main places for for Buddhist pilgrimage?
Lumbini, Buddhas birthplace. Bodh Gaya, where he achieved enlightenment. Benares, where the Buddha ave his first sermon. Kushinagara, where he died.
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What do Buddhists do when they get to these places?
They meditate. They prostrate themselves. They make offerings. They take part in acts of worship. They may consult monks.
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Why may Christian make pilgrimage?
To be cured of illness. To express sorrow for sin and ask for forgiveness. Experience a holy place. Meet others who share the same faith. To help sick or disabled people.
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What might the journey do to Christians?
Bring them closer to God and help them learn more about their faith.
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Why might people bring items home?
To recall the religious experience to strengthen their spiritual lives.
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What may they do on pilgrimage?
Pray. Take part in acts of worship/rituals. reinact the life of Jesus or a saint. Consult with priests. Make donations.
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Where do Christians consider to be the Holy Land?
Israel but Bethlehem and Jerusalem in particular.
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What happened at Bethlehem?
It is where Jesus is though to have been born.
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What happened at Jerusalem?
It is where Jesus ended his ministry, had his last supper, died, was resurrected and ascended.
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What is the impact of pilgrimage?
It is a journey of self-discovery. People have time away from their ordinary/busy lives to reflect on their beliefs and spirituality.
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What might the element of sacrifice result in for pilgrims?
Help people to feel humble in the presence of the divine and re-order their priorities in life.
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What is the negative impact of pilgrimage?
Huge crowds. Commercialism. Inaccurate claims about the historical significance of some places. Tourists may disrespectful.
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What is the value of pilgrimage?
People become refreshed spiritually. May have been educated on their faith. Have received moral support from fellow pilgrims. They are humbled by helping others.
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What is the impact of pilgrimage on a religion?
Brings a community of believers together. Preserves traditions of a faith through customs. May attract non-believers. May attract media attentions to raise profile/correct false impressions (may be negative too though)
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What is the value of pilgrimage to a religion?
It gives believers a concrete way of expressing their faith. It gives people an identity. It puts teachings into practice. It celebrate a religions way of life. It may result in more followers (converts)
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What is the approximate origin of Buddhism?
483 BCE
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What is the approximate origin of Christianity?
30 CE
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Who was the founder of Buddhism?
Siddattha Gotama, The Buddha
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Who was the founder of Christianity?
Jesus Christ
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If Buddhists dont believe in a God, what do they believe in?
A karmic energy that reincarnates after death.
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What do Buddhists worship?
They dont worship the Buddha but some may worship local Gods as local customs. Buddhist doesnt deny these deities.
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What is samsara?
The cycle of life. Karmic energy setting another life in motion.
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What happened to the Buddhas before Siddattha?
They inhabit Buddha heavens.
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What are Bodhisattvas?
Beings of Enlightenment.
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What is the Holy Trinity?
The Father (creator) The Son (The Saviour) The Holy Spirit (Comforter and Guide)
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How did Jesus describe God?
Forgiving, compassionate, gracious and faithful to his promises.
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What are the three marks of existance?
The three universal truths of life.
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State the Three Marks of Existance.
Anicca (Everything changes) Anatta (People change- no permanent identity) Dukkha (Life is unsatisfactory- no permanent happiness)
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What are the Four Noble Truths?
They describe what is wrong, what causes it, how to cure it, the best way to cure it.
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State the Four Noble Truths.
Dukkha (Suffering- lifes unsatisfactory) Tanha (Cause- Desire & Craving) Nirodha (Overcoming suffering- find internal satisfaction) Magga (Live by the Middle Way)
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What is a creed?
A summary of beliefs.
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What is the Apostles' Creed?
A creed based on the Apostles' teachings.
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What does the Apostles' Creed describe?
The key beliefs about Gods work in the Trinity, salvation and eternal life.
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In all religions what is the goal of life?
All religions look forward to a time of perfect happiness and peace they have reached by living a good life on earth.
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What is the goal in life for a Buddhist?
Be released from Samsara and reach eternal peace (nibanna) by achieving good Karma and enlightenment.
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What is the soul to Christians?
Spiritual and Immortal.
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What are Christians beliefs on life after death?
They believe that the body is resurrected after death in a recognisable form and will go to either heaven or hell on judgement day.
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What is Purgatory?
A lace where souls go to be purified from their sins before they go to heaven.
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What do Roman Catholics believe in?
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What is the final judgement?
Jesus will return to earth and the dead will rise, restored to glorified bodies.
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