Pilgramage Key Words

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  • Pilgramage Key Words
    • Relics
      • The physical things left behind by a saint or holy person.
        • E.g. their remains or personal items
    • Reliquary
      • A container for holy relics
    • Shrine
      • A place of worship that holds the tomb or relic of a saint
    • True Cross
      • The actual cross on which Jesus was crucified.
    • Pilgramage
      • A journey to a location of importance to a religion.
    • Cenacle
      • The Upper Room in Jerusalem where the Last Supper took place.
    • Via Dolorosa
      • 'The Way of Tears' - the route Jesus took from Pilate's court to Golgotha
    • Immaculate Conception
      • The Catholic belief that Mary was protected from original sin from the moment of her conception so that Jesus was not born with original sin.
    • Ecumenical
      • Promoting Christian unity
    • Revered
      • Held in deep respect
    • Veneration
      • Treating with deep respect


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