R.S- Christianity

Key words/Facts on Christian Beliefs etc

Core Beliefs- Keys Words

Absolution- The prouncement by a priest of the forgiveness of sins.

Ascension- The event, 40 days after Resurrection when Jesus 'ascended into heaven'.

Christ- 'The Anointed One'.

Christian- A believer in and follower of Jesus.

Church- The word has three meanings: (i) the building where Christians worship, (ii) the congregation who worship in that building and who go out into the world to serve Jesus, and (iii) the fellowship of all believers.

Confesssion- Contrition; penance; (i) one of seven sacraments observed by some Churches whose priests confidentially hear a persons confession; (ii) an admission, by a Christian, of wrong-doing; (III) a particular official statement (or profession) of faith.

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Creed- Summary statement of religious beliefs, often recited in worship, especially the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.

Eternal Life-  After death the soul will go to heaven and be eternally in the presence of God.

Forgiveness- The teaching of forgiveness forms part of the most important and widely used Christian prayer - the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, commonly known as the Lord's Prayer.

Heaven- The place, or state, in which souls will be united with God after death.

Hell- The place, or state, in which souls will be separated from God after death.

Holy Spirit- One person of the threefold nature of God.

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Immanent-  God is close to and involved with every part of creation.

Incarnate- The doctrine that God took human form in Jesus.

Jesus of Nazareth-  The central figure of Christian history and devotion. The second person of the Trinity.

Messiah- Used in the Jewish tradition to refer to the expected leader sent by God, who will bring salvation to God's people.

Pentecost- Annual festival held to remember the coming of the Holy Spirit. It falls seven weeks after Easter.

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Repent- The first and necessary step towards forgiveness - being truly sorry for the things done or not done and being determined  to try to make amends and not to repeat mistakes (sins).

Resurrection- The rising from the dead of Jesus Christ on the third day after the crucifixion.

Salvation- Being saved from sin through belief in Jesus - the healing of a broken relationship between people and God through Jesus.

Son- One of the threefold nature of God.

Transcendent- God is beyond the physical/ natural world, outside human understanding.

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Trinity- Three persons in one God; doctrine of the threefold nature of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Virgin Birth- The doctrine of the miraculous conception of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit and without the agency of a human father.

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