Relgious expression: key terms

Religion and Human expriences, WJEC religious studies specification B.

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  • Religious expression key terms.
    • Identity
      • particular personality/ character
        • religious tradition: someone's identity
        • express by what they wear
        • What they eat/ their jobs
    • Community
      • Group of people with something in common.
        • Religious community: sharing similar beliefs.
          • Values and traditions.
    • Sacred
      • Something special dedicated to God.
      • Places of worship: sacred, holy books.
    • Faith
      • Belief in someone/ something.
      • Faith through prayer
      • Worship, living on the teachings.
    • Pilgrimage
      • journey to a place of religious significance
        • Lourdes, Bethlehem: Where Jesus was born.
    • Evangelism
      • spread beliefs to others
      • telling them about faith
      • Missionaries


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