Believing In God

How People Believe In God And The Keywords That Go With It ':)

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Key Words

Numinous: The feeling of the presence of something greater than you.

Conversion: When your life is changed by giving yourself to God.

Miracle: Something which tends to break the law of science an makes you think only God could have done it.

Prayer: An attempt to contact God usually through words.

Agnosticism: Not being sure whether God exists.

Atheism: Believing that God does not exist.

Moral Evil: Actions done by humans which cause suffering.

Natural Evil: Actions that are not done by humans but cause suffering, e.g. Earthquakes, Volcanoes.

Omni-benevolent:  The belief that God is all Good.

Omnipotent: The belief that God is all Powerful.

Omniscient: The belief that God knows everything that is going to happen and everything that has happened.

Free Will: The belief that humans are free to make their own choices.

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Religous Upbringing

If a child is beginning of their life:

  • Then they will be taken to Church to worship God
  • They will be taught to pray to God
  • They will be baptised or dedicated to God
  • They will be expected to thank God and celebrate religious festivals, such as Christmas an Easter
  • They may go to a school where everyone believes in God and so they are expected to believe in God.

All these things would encourage and support belief in God.ought up by Christians parents, then they will believe in God from the

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