Virgil 697-765

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at pater Aeneas audito nomine Turni
but father Aeneas, having heard Turnus' name,
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deserit et muros et summas deserit arces
he left both the walls the the highest towers
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praecipitatque moras omnes
and he swept aside all delay
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opera omnia rumpit
he breaks off all work
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laetitia exsultans
rejoicing in joy
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horrendumque intonat armis:
he clangs with weapons - a terrifying sound
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quantus Athos aut quantus Eryx aut ipse ...quantus ... Appenninus
as big as Athos or as big as Eryx or as big as Father Appenimus himself
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coruscis cum fremit ilicibus (quantus) gaudetque nivali vertice se attolens pater (Appenninus) ad auras
when he roars with shimmering olm-oaks and rejoices lifting himself up to the breezes with his snowy head.
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iam vero et Rutuli certatim et Troes et omnes convertere oculos Itali
then truly both the Rutulians and the Trojans and all the Italians eagerly turned their eyes
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quiqui alta tenebant moenia
both those who were holding the high walls
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quique imos pulsabant ariete muros
and those who were beating on the bottom of the walls with a (battering) ram
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armaque deposuere umeris
and they put down their armour from their shoulders
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stupet ispe Latinus
Latinus himself is amazed
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ingentes ... (genitos diversis partibus orbis)... inter se coiisse viros
that huge men have come together
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genitos diversis partibus orbis
having been born in different parts of the world
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et cernere ferro
and are fighting it out with the sword
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atque illi
and they
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ut vacuo patuerunt aequore campi
as the fields opened up with a clear empty space
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procursu rapido coniectis eminus hastis invadunt Martem
joined battle with a swift on rush, having thrown spears from a distance
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clipeisatque aere sonoro
with shields ang with clanging bromze
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dat gemitum tellus
the earth gave a grown
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tum crebros ensibus ictus congeminant
they doubled the frequent blows with swords
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fors et virtus miscetur in unum
destiny and courage are combined into one
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ac velut ingenti Sila summove Taburno cum duo ...tauri
and just like when two bulls on great Sila or at top of Taburno
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conversis inimica in proelia (tauri) frontibus incurrunt
rush together with horns locked [turned together] for battle[s] filled with hate
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pavidi cessere magistri
the cowheards terrified draw back [gave way]
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stat pecus omne metu mutum
the whole heard stands silent in fear
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mussantque iuvencae
and the heifers mutter/ ask
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quis nemori imperitet
who will command the glade/clearing
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quem tota armenta sequantur;
which one the whole heard will follow
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illi inter sese multa vi vulnera miscent
they trade wounds between themselves with much force
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cornuaque obnixi infigunt et sanguine largo colla armosque lavant
straining they gore with their horns and bathe
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gemitu nemus omne remugit
the whole clearing ehoes with groans
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non aliter Troes Aeneas et Daunius heros
in just the way that the Trojan Aeneas and the hero son of Daunus
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concurrunt clipeis
ran together with shields
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ingens fragor aethera complet
the huge crash filled the air
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Iuppiter ipse duas aequato examine lances sustinet
Juppiter himself holds aloft a pair of scales with the fulerum in the centre
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et fata imponit diversa duorum
and he put in the differing fates of the two
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quem damnet labor ... lectum
to see who the struggle would condemn
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et quo vergat pondeve
and on which side the weight would sink down
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emicat hic impune putans... Turnus
Turnus springs forth thinking it safe now
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et corpore toto alte sublatum consurgit (Turnus) in ensem
and rose high lifting his sword with all his strength
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et ferit
and he struck
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exclamant Troes trepidique Latini
the Trojans and terriefied Latins scream out
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arrectaeque amborum acies
the battlelines of both sides stood up (the gaze of both sides was alerted)
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at perfidus ensis
but the treacherous sword
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frangitur in medioqu(e) ardentem deserit ictu
broke and failed in his passion in the middle of the strike
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ni fuga subsidis subeat
if flight had not come to his rescue
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fugit ocior Euro
he fled quicker than the east wind
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ut capulum ignotum dextramque aspexit inermem
as soon as he saw the unfamiliar hilt and his weaponless right hand
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fama est
the story goes that
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cum prima in proelia iunctos conscendebat equos
when he was mounting his joined horses for the start of the the battle
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patrio mucrone relicto
having left his father's sword behind
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praecipitem...dum trepidat
whilst in his eager haste
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ferrum aurigae rapuisse Metisci
he snatched the sword of his charioteer Metiscus
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idque diu, dum terga dabant palantia Teucri suffecit
for a long time while the trojans were giving their straggling backs that sufficied
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postquam arma dei ad Volcania ventum est
as soon as he reached the Vulcanian arms of the god
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mortalis mucro glacies ceu futtilis ictu dissiluit
the man-made sword shattered witht he blow just like brittle ice
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fulva resplendent fragmina harena
the pieces glitter ont the golden sand
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ergo amens diversa fuga petit aequora Turnus
Therefore out of his mind Turnus made for a distant part of the plein in flight (while fleeing)
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et nunc huc, inde huc incertos implicat orbis
and now here and now +(there) he wove his uncertain circuits
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undique enim densa Teucri inclusere corona
for the trojans hemmed him in on all sides with a tight ring
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atque hinc vasta palas
and on this side a vast swamp
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hinc ardua moenia cingunt
on that side high walls surrounded
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nec minus Aeneas
and no less did Aeneas
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quamquam tardata sagitta inter dum genua impediunt cursumque recusant
although his knees slowed him down by the arrow sometimes hampered him and stopped him runnning fast (denied his speed)
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insequitur trepidique pedem pede fervidus urget
give chase and raging press the foot of the terrified with his foot
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veluti si quando...nactus cervum...venator ... canis
just like when a hunting dog has caught a stag
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inclusum (veluti si quando) flumine (nactus cervum) aut puniceae saeptum formidine pennae
trapped [ in the bend] of a river or penned in by the fear of the red feathers
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cursu (canis) et latratibus instat
and presses [upon it] with [its] barking as he runs
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ille autem
he however
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insidiis et ripa territus alta
terrified by the trap and the high river bank
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mille fugit refugitque vias
he flees and flees back a thousand ways
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at vividus Umber haeret hians
but the energetic Umbrian [dog] stays [close] gaping open [his jaws]
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iam iamque tenet similisque tenenti
now and now he has [him] trapped
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increpuit malis morsuque elusus inani est
he snaps his jaws and he was thwarted by the empty bite
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tun vero exoritur clamor ripaeque lacusque
then in deed an uproar rises up both the banks and the lake
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responsant cira et caelum tonat omne tumultu
echo all around and the whole sky thunders with the din
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ille simul fugiens Rutulos simul increpat omnis
he, at the same time (while) fleeing reproaches the Rutulains
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nomine quemque vocans notumque efflagitat ensem
calling each by name and demands the sword he knew well
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Aeneas mortem contra praesensque minatur exitium
Aeneas on the other hand straight away threated death and destruction
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si quisquam adeat
if anyone approached
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terretque trementes
and he terrified the trembling (Rutulians)
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excisurum urbem minitans
repeatly threatening to destroy the city
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et saucius instat
and he pressed on Turnus wounded
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quinque orbis explent cursu totidemque retexunt
they complete 5 circuits of the city with the chase and went the other way around just as many times
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hunc illuc
this way and that wat
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neque enim levia aut ludicra petuntur
since they were not competing for trivial or unconsequential prizes
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sed Turni de vita et sanguine certant
but they were fighting for the life and blood of Turnus
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deserit et muros et summas deserit arces


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praecipitatque moras omnes


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opera omnia rumpit


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laetitia exsultans


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