Tourism and economic development in Tenerife

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Which group of islands is Tenerife part of?
Canary Islands
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Where are the Canary Islands?
Of the coast of West Africa, in the easr Atlantic, between latitudes 27 and 29 degrees north
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Which country do the Canaries belong to?
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How large is Tenerife?
2000 square kilometres
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Which volcano dominates Tenerife?
Mount Teide
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What is the population of Tenerife?
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Tenerife is densely populated, how many people are there per square kilometre?
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What % of the island's GDP comes from Tourism?
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When did tourism first develop in Tenerife?
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What % of people work in industries related to tourism?
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Which 2 other industries benefit from tourism?
Construction and farming
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What stage of Butler's model is tourism in Tenerife at?
Late mature
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What challenge is Tenerife facing?
To maintain it's position as a leading destination for European tourists
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Why is Tenerife an all year round destination
Warm- mean monthly temperatures of 18 degrees in December and 25 degrees in July
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Why is the north of the island less attractive for tourists?
Gets a lot more rain than the south
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What challenge does Tenerife face for tourism?
Lack of sandy beaches- they are small and rely on imported sand
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What attracts some ecotourists to northern Tenerife?
Biodiverse woodland ecosystem called ''monteverde'
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What world heritage site on Tenerife attracts thousands of tourists?
Caldera of Mount Teide volcano
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How can people travel to the top of Mount Teide?
Cable car
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What outstanding and mysterious cultural attraction attracts tourists
The step pyramids of Guimar
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What enabled the Canaries to develop their tourist industry?
Cheap air travel and longer holidays
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What issues have there been with the growth of tourism in Tenerife?
Grew rapidly, subject to limited planning controls and aimed at the mass market
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Where did tourism in Tenerife first develop in the 19th century?
The North around Puerto de la Cruz
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What attractions does the North of the island have?
Harbours, beaches, spas, gardens and historic buildings
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Where did mass tourism develop in the 1960's and 70's?
SW coast
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What % of tourists go to the SW
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What % of British tourists stay in the SW of the island
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What economic benefits has tourism brought Tenerife?
Huge growth to the economy, stimulated inward investment and created thousands of jobs
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What % of jobs are in tourism or related industries?
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What % of the islands GDP comes from tourism?
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What development gave tourism a boost in 1978?
Opening of Tenerife South International Airport
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How many visitors are there to Tenerife each year?
5 million
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Name two ways the natural environment of Tenerife has been protected
The Teide National Park and Corona Forest Nature Park
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How has lack of planning resulted in environmental degradation of the built environment?
Ugly concrete high rise hotels, congested roads, few open spaces
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By how much did the population of the SW grow compared to the island overall?
SW= 3.2%, island= 1.1%
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Tourism in Tenerife is unsustainable. What does this mean?
On current trends, the industry will be unable to maintain its viability in the future
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What is the main environmental concern
Water scarcity due to high demand for tourism and agriculture
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How could TEnerife meet the demand for water?
Recycle more or install more deslination plants to remove salt from seawater
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How many desalination plants does Tenerife have?
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How much water do the desalination plants produce?
60,000 cubic litres a day
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How is tourism polluting the sea?
Creates lots of raw sewage which is being pumped into the sea
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What impact does dredging sand for the beaches cause?
Destroys marine habitats and threatens marine biodiversity
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How is tourism affecting the community structure?
Swamped by foreign tourists which undermines local culture and society
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Why has tourism not been great for local young people?
Move to areas of mass tourism for jobs but these are very low paid like waiters, cleaners and building workers
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Why has Tenerife been less competitive for tourism since 1986?
Spain joined the EU and labour costs increased
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What has the Tenerife Tourism Corporation tried to do since 2001?
Move away from mass tourism and the negative images surrounding it
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Which cheaper destinations have been competing with Tenerife?
Morocco, Croatia and Turkey
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What has been built to try and attract wealthy tourists?
5 star hotels, boutique hotels, spas and golf courses
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In the future Tenerife aim to attract LESS visitors. Why?
Less pressure on the environment but richer so spend more per head
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What types of tourism are being promoted?
Eco and heritage tourism, whale watching, scuba diving, hiking and sightseeing
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Where are the Canary Islands?


Of the coast of West Africa, in the easr Atlantic, between latitudes 27 and 29 degrees north

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Which country do the Canaries belong to?


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How large is Tenerife?


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