tourisms economic impact case study- China

tourisms economic impact on the development of china

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outbound trips and expenditure

  • increased rapidly in last decade
  • 2005- 31million chinese travelled abroad and spent an average of $500 per person
  • china will be largest source of outbound tourism
  • at present only 2% of chinas population travel abroad
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reasons for growth

  • rising disposable income
  • longer holidays
  • increased interest in overseas travel
  • more relaxed political restrictions
  • advertising and promotion
  • greater avaliability of services
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Inbound tourism and reasons for growth

  • 2008 olympic games, 31 world heritage sites (such as the forbidden city and the great wall of china) boosted tourism
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tourisms contribution to economic development

  • 16.6million employed in tourism
  • 72million indirectly linked to international tourism
  • 1.5 million trips within china in 2006- able to spend more on tourism due to higher incomes, stimulating economic growth further
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