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2. what is a correct test for cardiovascular endurance?

  • one minuete sit up test.
  • multi stage fitness test.
  • 30 metre sprint.
  • 15 minute cooper run.

3. how can media increase participation?

  • advising people about health benefits.
  • writing articles about when they were younger.
  • not advertising important events: ie minority sports
  • not creating role models.

4. what is the name of the major muscle that allows rotation of the back, for example a golf swing?

  • gastrocnemius
  • latimous dorsi
  • quadraceps
  • gluteals

5. which of these is a long term efffect of excercise on the respiratory system?

  • deacreased tidal volume.
  • cardiac hypertrophy
  • increased number of alveoli.
  • increased breathing rate.


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