Paper 1: Issues of Justice and Equality

Explain justice
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explain injustice
When things are not fair
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explain equality
When people are treated equally - having the same rights
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explain authority
Power over others
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explain prejudice
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explain discrimination
not treating people equally
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Explain identity
the sense of who you are - attitude, character, personality
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explain human dignity
the idea that all humans are special and should be respected
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Bible quote to show everyone is equal..
"all are one"
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bible story against prejudging others
The good samaritan
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muslim quote to show everyone is equal..
"People are as equal as the teeth of a comb"
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explain ummah
All muslims are equal
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What year did Malcolm X go on the Hajj?
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Malcolm X was apart of what before Islam?
Nation of Islam
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What does the Nation Of Islam believe?
White people are devils
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How did Malcolm X die?
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What year did Malcolm X die?
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What year did Martin Luther King protest for black rights?
late 1950's to early 60's
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What year did MLK recieve the nobel peace prize?
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3 non-violent protests MLK used?
Protest marches & speeches & sit-ins
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What year was MLK assassinated?
4th April 1968
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When did the church of England allow women Bishops
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Who was the first women bishop?
Libby Lane
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3 discrimiations islamic women face
1- Do not pray in the center of the mosque with the men. 2- some countires forcing the use of Hijab or Burqa. 3- no right to edication
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How many people die of poverty each year?
8 million
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What is Tithe?
Giving 10% of their earnings to charity
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What is Zakah?
Giving 2.5% of all their wealth to charity
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2 charities muslims and christians donate to
islamic relief & christian aid
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what are the five pillars of islam?
Shahada - salah - zakah - sawm - hajj
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what is shahada?
Testimony and declaration of faith
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what is salah?
praying five times a day
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what is zakah?
paying 2.5% of all wealth to charity
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what is sawm?
fasting during ramadan
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what is hajj?
pilgrimage to mecca atleast once a lifetime
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Qur'an quote about helping others..
"if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saved the lives of all mankind"
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What is it to have rights?
To be entitled to certain things
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What is it to have responsibilites?
What a person is expected to do
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explain injustice


When things are not fair

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explain equality


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explain authority


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explain prejudice


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