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Jesus` relationships with others
unit4…read more

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What you need to know
· Reasons for Jesus` disputes with the Jewish
· Violent and non-violent protest; Christian
attitude to secular and religious authority
· Attitudes to outcasts in relation to issues of
social justice, equality, prejudice and
discrimination. Jesus` example
· Faith and its role in healing…read more

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Key relationships
· Jesus and the Jewish authorities
· Jesus and the outcast
· Jesus and the sick…read more

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Key stories to know
· The man with leprosy (Mk 1: 40-44)
· The call of Levi and eating with sinners (Mk2:
· The man with the paralysed(withered) hand
(Mk3 : 1-4)
· Jairus` daughter and the woman with the
haemorrhage (Mk5:21-43)
· The Greek woman`s daughter (Mk:24-30)…read more

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· Blind Bartimaeus (Mk 1
· 0:45-52)
· The incident in the Temple Court (Mk11:15-
· Payment of taxes to Caesar (Mk12:13-17)
· There are eight stories you may be asked to
recount or explain the significance of…read more

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The man with leprosy
· Man, on knees, begs Jesus...`if you are willing,
you can make me clean.`
· Jesus is filled with compassion and touches
him. `I am willing. Be clean!`
· he was cured immediately; Jesus tells him not
to tell anyone,but to go and show himself to
the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses
commanded for your cleansing,as a testimony
to them.…read more

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