RE Short Course Unit 2 - Religion and life issues

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Topic 1 Religion and Animal rights

Animal Rights The moral treatment of animals by humans in order that
their lives and welfare are protected.

Sanctity of Life Life is a special sacred gift from god.

Stewardship The duty of humans given by god to care for the natural


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Issues Concerning Animal rights

1) Animals in sport Hunting, Competition and Danger
2) Zoos and Pets
3)Working animals Transport, Human assistance and entertainment
4) Animal Experimentation
5)The Fur Trade
6)The Ivory Trade


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Topic 2 Religion and Planet Earth

Pollution The corruption or contamination of the natural state of the

Sanctity of Life Life is a special sacred gift from god.

Stewardship The duty of humans given by god to care for the natural

Natural resources Resources such as oil and…

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Recycling People are now encouraged to recycle their household
waste, many areas have separate bins to recycle different materials

Environmental Groups These group protest against, raise public
awareness of and educate in schools and pollution issues.

Conservation groups An example is the WWF, which stands for World
Wide Fund for…

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Toxic Chemicals Toxic waste from human refuse is leaked into both
land and sea. The poisons both land and sea animals that come into
contact with the chemicals.

Pesticides Farmers use pesticides to control disease and pest in their
crops. However, these substances are poisonous to animals. They get

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Animals Not only will temperature change have an effect on
destruction of habitats and ruin vegetation for food but could cause
countries to get into trouble. Place like Italy will have to fight against
mosquitoes again.

Topic 4 Religion and Early Life

Abortion This is an operation which involves removing…

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Quality of life Life is about living with happiness and enjoyment, not just
surviving and existing. A person is able to experience life, communicate
and look after themselves. It is living without extreme and excessive

When does life start ?

There are many different opinions of when a human…

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The term abortion is relevant to the topic of abortion when considring if it
is acceptable in cases such as if a child is going to be born with a
severe disability, if it is unwanted or going to be born into poverty.

What reasons are accepted for abortion ?…

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Women do not consider the consequences for themselves when
having an abortion. They can suffer immense guilt and depression
following the termination.

Fostering the child to a family and adoption are viable alternatives to
taking a human life.

To abort a child to it having a disability is shallow.


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