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Year 11 Questions WJEC

How can God reveal his presence?

God can reveal his presence through the numinous which is an experience which is inspired by awe and wonder with the feeling of Gods presence. God can also reveal himself through prayer which is a conversation with God in which many people feel that by praying they can feel Gods presence. Finally many people feel that they can feel Gods presence through miracle. Miracles are miraculous events which are unexplainable. Jesus performed miracles and many people believe that miracles still occur today at Lordes

What is the ‘ design argument ‘ for the existence of God

the design argument is the belief that the intricate workings of the universe are so unique that they could not have been made by chance and that there is a creator and that this creator is god. This is supported by newtons thumb theory in which each and everyone of us have different finger prints. Also Albert Eistein claimed that when he looks at all the glories of the cosmos he cant help but think that there is a divine hand behind it all. HOWEVER, some people oppose this argument due to the belief of evolution which was introduced by Darwin and they feel that if the bang theory did happen then what ever happened before that does not matter. However, science asks how the world was created where as religion asks why!

Explain why the Bible is significant in the Catholic Church?

The bible is significant because it is the Word Of God. The Bible is split up into two chapters; the old and the new testament.  Through the Bible God reveals himself and continues to reveal himself. This is called revelation. Also, god uses the gifts and talents of the writers of the Bible in order to proclaim his word and that they are also guided by the Holy Spirit in order to proclaim the truth about God (inspiration). The bible is a source of authority is which people turn to to help them with their conscience.

What is the Apostolic succession?

The apostolic succession is the belief that Jesus chose certain men in order to be his disciples and apostles and that they were told in order to spread the news and the word about God. It is the belief that their authority, which was given to them by Jesus, was past down to the Popes and Bishops today and so The Popes and Bishops today have the authority in order to spread the word of god.

What is the Bishop and what is his role?

The bishop is an overseer who has a source of authority due to the apostolic succession. He is appointed by the bishop and has the authority ir order to teach the people of God what to believe and how to behave. He runs a diocese which is an area of land which is centred on the bishop’s cathedral which is where the cathedra is


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