R.S./Philsophy GCSE Notes (Christianity and Buddhism)

Religous Beliefs of Christians and Buddhists about topics (Notes for 4 topics of whole syllabus)

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Prejudice and Discrimination
P.-Judging others before you know them without evidence. Bias for, or against, people/things without reason
D.-Treating people differently-racism, sexism, religion, class, etc. Actions -unjust­result from P.
Origins: Parents, Ignorance, Media, Experience, Scapegoating (PIMES)
Buddhist Concepts/Responses:
Justice, value of Individual, Tolerance and Harmony (JITH)
The 5 Precepts: Not to harm others or use harmful language
Metta (Loving Kindness)
Sangha (Equality-everyone is welcome into a community where we seek to avoid suffering)
Dalai Lama (`always think compassion')
P. comes from delusions in mind (ignorance, greed anger, pride, doubt-equanimity helps overcome delusions
with equality)
Dhammapada-hat conquered by love
Response: law, leaders, religious meetings, prayers, -Race Relations Act 1976... (L2R2)
Religious Leaders:
Mahatma Gandhi-left legacy of non-violence (`an eye for and eye makes the whole world blind')
gain migrant, Indian workers' rights in SA-peaceful protests, vs British Rule in India
Tried to improve relations between Hindus and Muslims-integrated society
Martin Luther King- Christian/influenced by Gandhi-non-violence=speeches
Vs segregation in USA-whites and blacks-for same rights, education and opportunities
Desmond Tutu-Great religious leader (Anglican bishop), brought international pressure to SA-non-violent
Vs Apartheid system in SA-total segregation whites and blacks-support Nelson Mandela
Alexander Mansfield

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Animal Rights
Animals used for transport, work, `sniffers', experimentation, zoos, resources, faming, sport etc.-not natural/is cruel
Sentient = can feel pain. Both animals and humans are sentient
Speciesism-humans more valuable -Reason, Technology, Beliefs, Empathy, Language, Morals (MELTR)
RSPCA and PETA -Animal Rights are basic entitlements that animals should have eg food, water, shelter.
The First Precept states: "I undertake to abstain from taking life."
The Second Precept states: "I undertake to abstain from taking what is not freely given.…read more

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Religion and Planet Earth
Origins of Life=Nature/God/Inconceivable-Anatta (no soul-no "things"), Anicca (Impermanence), Interdependence
B.…read more

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World Problems:
Climate Change-The climate is changing and the world is getting hotter (global warming)
natural cycles of change in the Earth's temperature with its path through space
Distance From the sun, it /sun's activity can have trends and changes that affect the global temperature
Most scientists-activity of humans in 250 years (industrial revolution) contribute to climate change
(Gases released from the burning of fossil fuels)
Average temperature could increase between 1.4 and 5.…read more

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Is war morally right, legal, secular-WW2, Vietnam, Iraq-Nuclear Warfare/War on Terror?
Bible and Violence
Deuteronomy-`God will deliver them over to you'...'you will destroy them' ­ Israelites and the promised
Joel-`Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack'
Mark-`driving out those who were buying and selling there...…read more


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