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2. What are the major corportations turning their attention to?

  • Verticle integration
  • Horizontal integration
  • Cyber media
  • More money

3. Why does it appear that on the surface the number of media outlets has dramatically increased?

  • 30 years ago only 4 television channels existed. Now there is hundreds of channels available from digital telivision producers such as Sky or Virgin
  • All of the other options
  • Because the number of owners has increased
  • The prospects of new technology has brought about more channels to choose from

4. Why do some sociologists suggest that this is an illusion?

  • Cultural pessimists believe that the amount of choice is actually restricted and consumer choice is a myth
  • We don't choose what is put onto TV

5. What was the pattern of publishing for newspapers in 2002

  • 3 publishers controlled 2/3 of newspaper
  • 5 publishers
  • 10 publishers
  • 15 publishers


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