SCLY3 Mass Media Manipulative Model

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  • SCLY3 Mass Media: Manipulative Model
    • concentration of ownership and control simply a way of reinforcing the dominant group's control of the media
    • The media is very openly biased in favour of the dominant social groups
    • Marcuse (1964) says the media creates "false needs", marketing products as more essential than they really are
    • Milliband (1973) argues that the mass media has replaced religion as the "new opium of the people"
    • Alternative views are either not presented at all or are very openly criticised
    • An example of this in action is the news empire of Rupert Murdoch,who has backed 3 successful political candidates (Thatcher, Blair and Cameron) and helped drum up support for the Iraq War in 2003
    • Bagdikian (2004) notes the decline of large corporations from 50 in the 1980s to 5 in the present, whilst stating that the US media is becoming increasingly biased against the political left
    • The audience are completely passive and it is definitely the media who have the power in the relationship


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