SCLY3 Mass Media Pluralist view

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  • SCLY3 Mass Media: Pluralist view
    • concentration of ownership and control is simply a way of larger companies allowing smaller companies to global markets they would not have otherwise
    • the media is democratic and is not controlled by one single group
    • the media is not systematically biased-some newspapers like The Daily Mail are pro-Conservative, whilst others like The Daily Mirror are pro-Labour
    • Burnham (1940) argues that ownership and control no longer neccesarily mean the same thing, as the owners can't possibly manage everything on a day-to-day basis and so more control is granted to executives lower down in the hierarchy
    • Hetherington (1985) states that news is determined mainly by news values, traits that make a story newsworthy e.g. celebrities
    • As the media is reliant on consumer demand, it cannot risk doing anything to anger its consumers and so must follow public opinion, meaning it is the consumers who have the power in this relationship


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