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A2 Mass Media - Ownership and Control

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Ownership and Control

The number of media outlets has increased dramitcally in the last 30 years, suggesting an increase of choice in the media for consumers:

  • increase of T.V channels - from 4 to hundreds that are available today.
  • the number of free magazines and newspapers has increased substantially.
  • the internet is now available to most.

However, some sociologists suggest this apparant increase of choice is just an illusion - to a point where consumer choice has actually declined.

A number of trends have lead to this contraction of choice.

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Concentration of Ownership

Bagdikian (2004) notes the trends of ownership in the media in America:

  • In 1983 50 corporations controlled most of news media. 
  • In 1992 22 companies controlled 90% of all mass media.
  • In 2004 7 corporations control all mass media.

These companies are are now moving into cybermedia - where there are potentially huge profits to be made.

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The British Print Media

Curran (2003) - suggests that concentration of ownership of British newpapers is not a new phenomenon.

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