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2. how would you adapt margarine in a recipe to make it lower in fat

  • use ketch up
  • use reduced-fat or low-fat spread instead
  • use butter
  • use lard

3. Give the full name of RDA

  • reference Diet Allowance
  • reference dietary allowance
  • Recommended Daily Allowance
  • Recommended Day Allow

4. Which 2 vitamins are killed by heat?

  • vitamin Q and vitamin R
  • Vitamin K and vitamin U
  • Vitamin O and vitamin A
  • vitamin E and vitamin A
  • vitamin B and vitamin C
  • Vitamin A and vitamin E
  • vitamin D and vitamin K

5. how would you adapt mince beef in a recipe to make it lower in fat

  • use goat meat
  • use pork
  • buy 'trimmed' beef or 'lower-fat' beef or use chicken instead
  • use lamb


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