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1. how would you adapt mince beef in a recipe to make it lower in fat

  • use pork
  • use lamb
  • buy 'trimmed' beef or 'lower-fat' beef or use chicken instead
  • use goat meat
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2. how would you adapt lasagne pasta in a recipe to make it higher in fibre

  • use wholemeal pasta
  • use spaghetti
  • use indomie
  • use rice

3. What are the 2 most effective ways to lose weight?

  • Reduce calorie intake and exercise
  • reduce sugar and reduce cake
  • eat more and drink
  • sit down and take the lift

4. Give the full name of RNI

  • recommended nutrient inflow
  • reference nutrient inside
  • Reference Nutrient Intake
  • recommended new intake

5. Name 3 protein foods that can be eaten by vegans (strict vegetarians)

  • yam, potatoes, rice
  • egg, fish, chicken
  • Nuts, lentils,Pulses
  • lamb, beef, pork


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