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2. What is meant by "time that is available"?

  • sending someone overseas is expensive and may result in news reports even if nothing is happening just to justify heavy costs
  • time/space for a news bulletin or column in newspaper
  • news usually happened day before - tv news is instant as it broadcasts when it happens

3. In 2005, what percentage of people said TV was their primary source of news

  • 50%
  • 72%
  • 20%
  • 90%

4. What is "negativity"?

  • bad news is regarded by journalists as more exciting and dramatic than good news and is seen as attracting a bigger audience
  • most news outlets will attempt to balance excessive bad news or foreign news with some items of a more positive or local nature

5. What is "reference to elite nations"?

  • stories about people who speak the same language, look the same and share the same preoccupations as the audience receive more coverage than those involving people who do not
  • events may be "personalised" by referring to prominent individual or celebrity to achieve similar recognition


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