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2. Why does agenda setting mean that the news is socially constructed?

  • people can only discuss and form opinions about things they have been informed about - mass media that provide this information
  • editors, journalists and sometimes owners, make choices about what events are important enough to cover and how to cover them

3. What is "unambiguity"?

  • events that are easy to grasp are more likely to be reported than those which are open to more than one interpretation or where prior knowledge is needed
  • the famous and powerful are often seen as more newsworthy to the general public than those who are regarded as ordinary

4. What did the GUMG look at?

  • Football hooliganism
  • Miner's strike
  • The holocaust

5. What is "reference to elite nations"?

  • stories about people who speak the same language, look the same and share the same preoccupations as the audience receive more coverage than those involving people who do not
  • events may be "personalised" by referring to prominent individual or celebrity to achieve similar recognition


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