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2. What did the GUMG look at?

  • Miner's strike
  • The holocaust
  • Football hooliganism

3. What is meant by "deadlines"?

  • time available for news bulletin and space available for column in newspaper
  • News usually happened the day before - tv news is instant as it broadcasts as it happens
  • content and style is dependent on the type of audience

4. why does gate - keeping mean that the news is socially constructed?

  • editors, journalists and sometimes owners, make choices about what events are important enough to cover and how to cover them
  • people can only discuss and form opinions about things they have been informed about, and it is the mass media that provide information is most cases

5. What is meant by "time that is available"?

  • sending someone overseas is expensive and may result in news reports even if nothing is happening just to justify heavy costs
  • time/space for a news bulletin or column in newspaper
  • news usually happened day before - tv news is instant as it broadcasts when it happens


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