Crime and Deviance in the Media (unfinished)

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  • Crime and Deviance
    • Marxism
      • Rich or powerful
        • The reporting of crime is used by the rich and powerful as a way of maintaining control over powerless groups.
      • Working class
        • They highlight the way the media portrays criminals as working class.
      • White collar and corporate crime
        • The media ignores both white collar and corporate crime.
      • State apparatus
        • ideological state apparatus is : where a social instituion can control our ideology(our ideas and beliefs) e.g religion, media, education.
    • Functionalism
      • Window to the world
        • Functionalists argue that the media reflects crime as it is. It gives a true picture of crime.
          • Critics argue that this is rather naive given the fact that the real figure of crime  is way above the official figure.
            • Official statistics
      • Dark figure
      • Official statistics
      • Anomie
        • Durkheim developed this as a term to explain why some turned to crime. Anomie means being insufficiently integrated into society's norms and values.
    • Postmodernism
      • Consumerism
      • Spectacle
      • Infotainment
      • Perception
        • Mass media plays a significant role in constructing people's reality.
      • Sensationalism
    • Feminism
      • Women as victims
        • Feminists argue that the media plays down the extent of  women as victims of crime.
      • Lads mags
        • Feminists argue that the sexually explicit representation  in all forms of *********** renders all women potentially unsafe since they encourage predatory attitudes amongst men.
      • Sexual crimes
        • They are highly critical of reporting of sex crimes against women as a way to provide entertainment.
      • Patriarchal control
        • Crime reporting reinforces the stereotyping and oppression of women.
      • Ethnicity
        • Feminists- media plays down role of women as victims unless they are white/ pretty (white woman syndrome) - media emphasizes black criminality buy plays down how African Caribbeans and south asians twice as likely to be victims of crime than white
    • Interactionism
      • Social construction
        • Interactionists recognise that crime and deviance are socially constructed by agents of social control.
      • Labelling
      • Amplification
        • Interactionists argue mass media provide a form of database for imitation so public is more likely to learn about them
        • The media has a role in amplifying the extent of deviance through the way it reports crime.
      • Moral panics
        • Exaggerated over-reactions by society to a perceived problem (label) - usually inspired/driven by the media - where the reaction increases the problem out of all proportions to its real seriousness.
      • News values


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