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Head chef
The person in charge of the kitchen and is responsible for all aspects of food production like: menu planning, costing and planning schedules
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Sous chef (second chef)
Directly in charge of production
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Pastry chef (le patssier)
Prepares pastries and desserts
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Larder chef (le garde manger)
Responsible for cold foods like: Salads and dressings
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Sauce chef (le saucier)
Prepares sauces, stews. Highest position of all stations
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Vegetable chef (l'entremetier)
Prepares vegetables, soups, starches and eggs
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Assistant chef (commis chef)
Will help in all areas of th kitchen generally doing easier tasks
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Kitchen porter
Will clean up after the chefs, do the washing up and carry the goods to and from the store
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Restaurant manager
In charge of the restaurant. Responsible for taking bookings, relaying information to the head chef, arranging training for staff completing rotas and ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly.
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Head waiter/waitress
Second in charge of the restaurant, they will greet and seat the customers and relay information to staff. They could deal with complaints
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Wine waiter/waitress
Responsible for helping guests to select wine, they serve wine and alcoholic drinks to customers
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Wait staff
Serve the customers, clear the tables and ensure customers are satisfied with the service
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Maintenance officer
Completes any repairs and if not hires staff in when required
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Sous chef (second chef)


Directly in charge of production

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Pastry chef (le patssier)


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Larder chef (le garde manger)


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Sauce chef (le saucier)


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