Food Technology

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Types of service:

  • Counter service - includes cafeteria, multi-point, free flow, fast food, vended, seated and buffet
  • Table service - the waiter or waitress comes to the table and serves all of the food and drink
  • Transportes meals - in aeroplanes, when the meals are packed safely and then reheated when they are needed


Residential establishments include:

  • guest houses
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • hotels
  • farm houses

All of theses esatblishments provide accommodation and food

Non-residetial esatblishments include:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafe's
  • Fast food outlets
  • Wine bars

all of these provide food but no accommodation

Job Roles:

Manager - A very important role, in charge of the day-to-day running of the establisment, booking events, paying for orders etc...

Assisstant manager - has designated jobs from the manager, also an important role, only in charge when the manager is gone on conferences or ill etc...

Head chef - Person in charge of the kitchen, normally in the office, sorting schedules and applying for orders for food in the kitchen

Sous chef - takes charge int eh actual kitchen becausethe head chef is mostly in the office

Pastry chef - prepares the pastries and desserts

Larder chef - makes all of the cold foods, salads, dressings, pates etc... (in high class establishments there may be different chefs for each fof the things stated above)

Suace chef - makes all of the sauces for the starters, mains and side dishes

Vegetbale chef - soups, starches, eggs and vegetabales etc... (in high class establishments there may be different chefs for each fof the things stated above)

Assisstant chef - does easier tasks, as they are training to become a chef

Kitchen porters - clean up after the chef's and does the washing up, carries the ingrediants from the store to the chef's. They are just a general help around the kitchen

Restaurant manager - they are in charge of the restaurant, they make changes to seating plans and able arrangemnets and they make sure that all of the guests are hapy during the time that they are in the restaurant. Thye may also greet and seat the guests when they have time available

Head waiter/ress - They are second in charge in the restaurant, they take charge if the head chef is not there and they relay any information to the staff, good or bad. they also greet and seat the guests along with the restaurant manager

Wine waiter/ress - they help the guests selcet the wne in the establishmentand this is often provided in a high class esatblishment, the drinks tend be served complimentary to the meal that the guests are having

Waiting staff - they serve all of the food and drinks to the customers on the table and check that the cutomers are ok regularly.

Staff hiring

 Full time staff:

  • Permanant…




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