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Catering Revision
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The catering industry

The catering industry is very diverse, it is defined as one that provides food and drink it is known as a
product (manufactured goods) and a service (to attend/ wait)

Types of catering establishment

Residential Non residential
Private care homes cafes
Holiday parks Meals on…

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Standardised size of plates and bowls
Fruit juice glasses

Types of service available

Counter service e.g. buffet, fast food etc...
Table service: waiter/ess service (your average restaurant)
Transported meal systems e.g. aeroplane meals
Gueridon service: cooking the food in front of the customer

Food poisoning

The four conditions…

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Environmental health

Food safety and hygiene regulations are enforced by EHO's who regularly check all food premises'


Enter any food premises' at any time
Inspect food
Take samples for food analysis
Confiscate unfit food
Issue improvement notices
Close premises'
Enforce the general food hygiene act 1995…

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Health & safety at work act 1974

This act covers:

All acts of health and safety @ work
A safe working area must be provided
Employees must take care of themselves and not endanger others

Eat well plate

The government's recommendations as to how much of each food…

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3. provides warmth and protects body unprotected parts such as the kidneys
4. transports fat soluble vitamins
5. Filling
6. Provides texture to food
7. Traps air to make food light (e.g. fairy cakes).

Year 11

Different types of menus

Al a Carte menu: all dishes individually priced,…

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Vegetarian: `a person who does not eat anything from a dead animal i.e. fish seafood etc...

Vegetarians, like humans however do need protein

Vegetarian sources of protein:

Dairy (not vegans)
Nuts seeds

All of the above contain protein.

Job roles in food…

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Sous chef In charge of production
Saucier In charge of sauces & starters
Pastry chef Prepares pastry and desserts
Vegetable chef Prepares vegetables
Larder chef Responsible for cold foods and starters
Assistant chef Helps in all areas
Kitchen porter Washing up


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