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2. What is a gland?

  • The nervous system sends messages to the brain to cause receptors to occur.
  • The organ which makes chemical substances to make uses for the body for discharge into the surroundings. - Creates chemical substances and sends them somewhere else.
  • Increases and decreases certain functions.
  • A substance produced in tissue form to trigger certain cells into action.

3. What are gonads?

  • Can cause change into target cells.
  • Control the water interactions in the body.
  • The male and female sex reproduction organs. Male testicles (testosterone) and females have them in the ovaries (estrogen).
  • Control the sleep hormones.

4. What is the role of the pancreas?

  • Increases and decreases function in the body.
  • Producing testosterone and estrogen.
  • To store the hormone insulin, which is stored as fat when eating sugar and carbs which release into blood sugars.
  • To create a chemical substance that needs to be sent elsewhere into the body.

5. What is a hormone?

  • Hormones create subtances which are usually produced as an organism and can travel in tissues to stimulate cells into action. They can increase and decrease.
  • Links to the old and new brain.
  • They create chemical substances and send it to other parts of the body.
  • Releases endorphins into the pituitary gland.


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