How does Matthew write about the enunciation?
focus on josep, starts with genealogy but says Joseph is the husband of mary of whom Jesus was born. This stresses that Jesus was not of human parentage.
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How is Joseph portrayed?
As someone who is willing to obey God.
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Why does he stay with Mary?
Because the child is God's.
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In the beginning was the word
The word came before everything, an eternal being
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The word was God
inside God, his self expression
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the word was with God
united, co-exist but there is a distinction, how God expresses his power, it comes forth dynamic/creative
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the word as expression of love
gods love from humans, Jesus is God's free gift to heal the relationship
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the word became flesh
the word took on a human nature
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how is Jesus the Son of Man?
he experienced all the joys and trials of humanity
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Jesus human activities
tempted, ate and drank, pitied, wept, troubled, suffered and died
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Two meanings of Son of Man
referring to himself as a normal person, special authority form God.
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How do we know he is not human?
If he was human, the pain would have bothered him but didn't.
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How do we know Jesus is the Son of God?
The Sanhedrin asked him if he was the Messiah and he replied I am- this is a translation of what God said to Moses when he revealed himself.
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How do we know he was God all along?
Because when he ascended, he rose to God's right hand, and as nobody can become God, it means he was God all along just in human form.
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What is a symbol?
A sign/design that represents something else.
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What was the use of the Icthus?
In Early christianity, you could be prosecuted for showing faith so the Icthus was used to arrange services etc.
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What does Icthus mean?
Jesus Christ, God Son Saviour
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What is the Alpha and Omega
1st and last letter of the Greek Alphabet
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What is the meaning of the alpha/omega
God is beginning and end of everything - I am the alpha and omega (revelation)
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What is the Chi-Ro?
First two letters of the Greek word for Christ xp
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What is the meaning of the Chi-ro?
Reminder of Jesus' death, affirmation that he is the Messiah
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four reasons against religious art
God is infinite, 2nd commandment (idol), mistake the image for the real thing, could worship the image
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reasons for religious art
Jesus was human so it is ok to show him (aka God) in human form, shown as any ethnicity because his death affected all Christians, focus and stimulus for prayer
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What does Christ the redeemer show?
outstretched arms - accepted death, cared for all, forgiveness, omnipotence/benevolence
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What qualities does a Sacred heart have?
holes in hands, pointing to heart, crown of thorns.
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What does the Sacred Heart show?
self giving love Jesus has for humans , I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (Matthew)
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What does crucifix show?
Jesus' pain and suffering and how he freed us from sin and death, we remember love for Jesus when we see it.
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How is Joseph portrayed?


As someone who is willing to obey God.

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Why does he stay with Mary?


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In the beginning was the word


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The word was God


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