R.S/R.E Edexcel Section 2 - Matters of life and death

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Section 2 – Matters of life and death


Topic 2.1 Christian beliefs about life after death

Key Terms

·         Immortality of the soul: Belief that the soul lives on after the death of the body


·         Christians believe in life after death because they believe that Jesus rose from the dead

·         The bible claims that there is life after death

·         The church teaches that there is life after death

·         Christians believe in a soul which is something that can never die. So there must be life after death







Topic 2.2 – Islam and life after death


·         Muslims believe in life after death because it is taught in the Qur’an

·         The prophet Muhammad taught that there was life after death in the Hadith

·         Islam teaches that heaven and hell exist as punishments and rewards after death

·         Life after death is needed to give life purpose


Topic 2.3 Non-Religious reasons for believing in life after death

Key Term

·         Near-death experience – when somebody is about to die has an out of body experience


·         Some people believe in life after death for non religious reasons

·         Near death experiences when people see things they can’t explain

·         People claim to have seen ghosts and spirits

·         Evidence of incarnation (embodied in flesh or taking flesh)


Topic 2.4 – Why some people do not believe in life after death

·         They do not believe in God

·         There is no scientific evidence

·         They do not see where life after death could take place

·         Different religions disagree about life after death so they are all probably made up


Topic 2.5 – The nature of abortion

Key Term

·         Abortion – the removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive


·         Abortion is legal in the U.K. if two doctors agree there is a medical reason for it.

Abortion is controversial because:

·         People disagree when life begins

·         People disagree if abortion is murder

·         People disagree over whether a woman has the right to choose









Topic 2.6 – Christian attitudes to abortion