Types of Worship

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  • Liturgical Worship
    • Types of Worship
      • Non - Liturgical worship
        • Not as rigid so it is more informal
          • Religious leaders have freedom to choose topic. Basic structure. Improvise. Prayer done individually AKA extemporary prayer
            • Advantages Fun younger generation modern      Lead by the Holy Spirit
              • DisadvantagesUnorganised. Random - dont know whats going on.      Not traditional - old people may not like it. Might get too loud - no peaceful time.May not teach Bible coz not rooted in tradition.
      • Informal Worship
        • Worship through songs
          • Lively . Charismatic. Religious devotion thru singing. Comes from heart. Holy spirit guiding worship. Heart become so engrossed. Dancing. Singing.
      • Private Worship
        • More liturgical in structure
          • Take place anywhere. Meditation on incarnation. Some Catholics say Angelus thrice.
    • Comes from the word Liturgy meaning planned in advance and follows a set structure
      • Traditional Old Fashion Orthodox Protestant Catholic      Set Structure Bible Reading No improvise  Alot of Notes  Churches  Open air Home hospitals
        • Advantages Keeps the faith alive.        Bring catholic community together. People may like routines of prayer.     Good for insecure people.


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