English Lit-Lang terminology

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1. Back channeling

  • Repairing sentence start
  • Responding with noise eg mhm, yeah
  • Repeating facts back to speaker
  • Repeating conversation to others
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2. Dramatic irony

  • Reader knows more than characters
  • Reader knows less than characters
  • Reader knows same as characters

3. A. Rhetorical question followed immediately with an answer is

  • Question with answer
  • A hypophora
  • A rhetorical
  • An answered rhetoric

4. Fillers

  • No yeah yes maybe
  • Like, ya'know, sort of, right
  • Hmm, yeah, uhuh

5. Hedging

  • Perhaps maybe sort of I think
  • Simile metaphor personification
  • Yes no Maybe
  • Right left forward backward


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