AS English Language and Literature Spoken and Written Literary and Linguistic Features

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Lexis Definition
Collective noun "Us," "We"
Superlative "Best," "Greatest"
Auditory imagery Images of sound
Tactile imagery Physical, visual imagery
Antonym A word that means the opposite of another
Gustatory imagery Images of taste
Hyponym A word narrower than a general term, "rose"
Hypernym A word broader than a specific term, "flower"
Bathos Abrupt change to ordinary style
Pathos Creates sadness
Comparative Saying something is better/worse
Intensifier Indicates how much something applies, "Hardly"
Olfactory imagery Images of smell
Synonym Words that mean the same
Antithesis Opposite
Grammar Definition
Inverted syntax Reversal of ordinary sentence structure
Syndetic listing Lists with conjunctions
Inflection The rise and fall of words
Foregrounding Giving prominence to a certain word
Asyndetic listing Lists without conjunctions
Tripling Triadic structures
Spoken language Definition
Juncture The break between two spoken words
RP accent Standard English
Drama Definition
Soliloquy Monologue, the character speaks alone
Naturalistic dialogue Crafting dialogue to sound spontaneous
Denouement The climax of a story
Stylised dialogue Theatrical verse dialogue
Fiction Definition
Intrusive narrator Appears everywhere
Omniscient narrator All-knowing
Poetry Definition
Lyric poetry Expresses personal and emotive feelings
Elegy Mournful
Heroic couplet Two rhymed lines in iambic pentameter
Blank verse Unrhymed poetry
Quatrain Stanza consisting of four verse lines
Trochaic metre Stressed followed by unstressed
Spondaic metre Two stressed syllables

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Iambic pentameter Five-beat poetic line
Dactylic metre Stressed followed by two unstressed
Other terms Definition
Allegory The writing represents deeper meaning
Early Modern English Between 1485-1660
Old English 5th-12th century
Late Modern English 1800-present
Middle English 1100-1500…read more


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