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Analysing voices in narrative
Gill Connell…read more

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AS Lang/Lit Unit 1
In your unseen exam you may have an extract
· A novel or short story
· Non-fiction eg autobiography or travel writing…read more

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Types of narrative voice
First person voice: autobiographical fiction
Third person voice:
· Omniscient
· `Over-the-shoulder'
Third person voice: free indirect style
Dual or multiple narrative voices…read more

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First person voice
May be described as `autobiographical fiction'
Is the voice of the main character in novel/story
telling own story
You should consider:
· Your first impression of the narrator
· Writer's use of lexis and grammar to create the persona
· The kind of relationship writer sets up between narrator
and reader…read more

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Some language features
Direct address to reader? Or not?
Any colloquial language? Tenor?
Any discourse markers or idiomatic, conversational
Other spoken language features
· level of difficulty?
· Metaphors, similes etc?
· Repetition and listing
Grammar :
· sentence construction/length
· grammatical parallelism or other patterning for effect…read more

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Third person voice
Third person narrators are not characters in the story
They stand above the action
Sometimes `omniscient' ­ Godlike presence who
knows everything including thoughts and feelings of
all characters
More often, the `over-the-shoulder' narrator
describes events from the point of view of one (or
more) character. The point of view can change.…read more

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