AQA English Language and LiteratureTerminology AS/A2

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AQA English Language and Literature Terminology



Learning and using this terminology in your English exam will guarentee success!!

(as long as you use it correctly..DUH!)

I hope this helps you revise :D

 Colloquialism- Informal words or phrases/slang (used mainly in conversation) e.g.- 'y'all', 'gonna', 'wanna' etc.

 Definite Article- Introduces a noun phrase and implies that the 'thing' mentioned has already been explained, or is commonly known e.g.- 'I just watched the new Harry Potter film' , 'That's Josh's phone, Hayley just rang.'

 Deictic Expression- The context/ meaning of a situation is only known by the people involved. e.g.- I ask 'Will you be there?' It is unlikely for a person who is not in the conversation to know were 'there' is.             -'Pass me that'

 Diachronics- That language changes overtime (archaic) e.g.- 'Thou shall not kill' would nowadays translate to 'You should not kill'

 Didactic Tone- Usually to instruct or teach, have moral, sometimes boring (seems like you are being spoken to/at)  e.g.- The 10 Commandments, Rules, You should not lie etc. 

 Ellipsis- The omission of part of a sentance e.g.- 'Hope you get well soon' (the 'I' is missing), also 'Going shop?' correctly should be 'Are you going to the shop?'

 Graphology- The layout, presentation of a text e.g.- How is it set out? Using:

Paragraphs, Columns, Stanzas


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