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2. What is the Acuquience bias?

  • The ability to make friends
  • A methodological problem that people in different cultures use response scales in different way`
  • Wrongly attributing properties of individuals to cultures

3. Which one of these are not Schwarz' critique of Hofstede?

  • Varaible being measured is a value whihc is culturally sensitive and subjective - but Hofsted counters this and claims surverys are only one of the methods used
  • Adequacy of sample nations
  • Reductionist
  • Doesn't consider historical change

4. What is the definition of Cultural Syndromes?

  • Culture does not acccurate represent its percieved stereotype (e.g. Japan comes 23rd on the Individualism scale)
  • They reflect shared beliefs, attitudes, catergoriations and norms, roles and values organised around a central theme
  • Degree to which members of society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Extent to which members of society accept power in institutions is distributed unequally

5. What is not a criticism of Cultural research?

  • The correspondance bias
  • Research tends to be from one discipline - would be a better foundation from multi-disciplinary approach (using sociology,psychology, economics and anthropology)
  • Political influences on Masculinity and Uncertaintity Avoidance - were sensitive to the timing of the survey as Europe was in the midst of a Cold War and recovering from WW2 and there was a communist insurgence in Asia, Africa and Europe
  • Outdated - too old for coping with todays rapidly changing environment


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