Culture - Cross Cultural Differences/Hofstede

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1. What countries have the lowest levels of Power Distance?

  • Switzerland, Jamaica and Chile
  • Austria, Israel and Denmark
  • Japan, Ireland and Mexico
  • Malaysia, Guatamala and Panama
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2. What are Hofstede's two main assumptions?

  • Communication and family socialisation
  • Cultures are not individuals and Acquiescence Bias
  • Cultures are social systems and you should measure using an idiographic approach

3. What is the Acuquience bias?

  • The ability to make friends
  • A methodological problem that people in different cultures use response scales in different way`
  • Wrongly attributing properties of individuals to cultures

4. What is not a problem of cultural syndromes?

  • Provide a map of global differences in national culture
  • Do not explain why these variables covary
  • Some characteristics do not cluster at individual level
  • Ecological Fallacy

5. Which one of these are not Schwarz' critique of Hofstede?

  • Reductionist
  • Adequacy of sample nations
  • Doesn't consider historical change
  • Varaible being measured is a value whihc is culturally sensitive and subjective - but Hofsted counters this and claims surverys are only one of the methods used


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