Culture - Cross Cultural Differences/Hofstede

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1. Which one of these are not Schwarz' critique of Hofstede?

  • Varaible being measured is a value whihc is culturally sensitive and subjective - but Hofsted counters this and claims surverys are only one of the methods used
  • Adequacy of sample nations
  • Reductionist
  • Doesn't consider historical change
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2. Define ecological fallacy

  • The ability to generalise cross-cultural research
  • Falsely extrapolating group-level findings to individual level of explanation
  • Wrongly attributing properties of individuals to cultures

3. What are Hofstede's two main assumptions?

  • Communication and family socialisation
  • Cultures are not individuals and Acquiescence Bias
  • Cultures are social systems and you should measure using an idiographic approach

4. Define Power Distance

  • Extents to which members in society accepted that power is distributed equally
  • The aim to gains as much power as possible in your company
  • The need to leadership
  • The hierachical organisation of society

5. Which of these is NOT one of Hofstede's 4 dimensions of cultural variation

  • Individuation
  • Climate
  • Masculinity
  • Power Distance


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