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2. How many definitions of culture are there?

  • More than 223
  • 20
  • More than 164
  • 102

3. What is not a problem of cultural syndromes?

  • Provide a map of global differences in national culture
  • Ecological Fallacy
  • Do not explain why these variables covary
  • Some characteristics do not cluster at individual level

4. Which of these is NOT one of Hofstede's 4 dimensions of cultural variation

  • Climate
  • Power Distance
  • Masculinity
  • Individuation

5. What is the definition of Cultural Syndromes?

  • Culture does not acccurate represent its percieved stereotype (e.g. Japan comes 23rd on the Individualism scale)
  • Extent to which members of society accept power in institutions is distributed unequally
  • They reflect shared beliefs, attitudes, catergoriations and norms, roles and values organised around a central theme
  • Degree to which members of society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity


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