International Aggression

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Homicide data from 207 countries- most in.... Due to...
Africa/ low economic development
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... committed by firearm/ America=.../ Europe=...
42%/ 74%/ 21%
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More in Central America- linked to
drug trafficking
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Freud's drives
Thantos + Eros
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Type A Personality/ Testosterone levels
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Frustration-Aggression model- aggression mediated by Temperature/ Crowding
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Social factors
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Individualism vs collectivism/ co-operation vs competitive
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Who am I? either consider self as individual or part of a group
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Individualist= America/ Europe, Collectivist= Latin America/ Asia/ Africa
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Filal Piety
Respect for parents
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Forbes et al
I-C dimensions and gender on college students- direct and indirect aggression
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Direct and Indirect Aggression
USA> Poland> China
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Indirect vs Direct
Indirect> Direct except in polish men
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Differences in Collectivism in China and Japan
China- authority orientated+ family- respect elders, filial piety
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Power distance
(degree of inequality between powerful and non-powerful) High= Philippines, Mexico, India/ Low= New Zealand, Sweden, Austria
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Uncertainty avoidance
(degree to which people feel uncomfortable in uncertain environments) High= Greece, Japan, Belgium/ Low= GB, Hong Kong, Sweden
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Masculinity/ Femininity
Traditional roles- High= Japan, Italy, Austrai/ Low= Netherlands/ Sweden/ Norway
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Long term/ Short term orientation
(whether outlook or traditions are short or long term) Long Term= China, Hong Kong, Japan/ Short Term= GB, Africa, Arab, Latin America
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High power distance
More aggression- used to maintain power/ Frustration-Aggression model
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Uncertainty avoidance
High- emphasis on rules and norms= stress= aggression
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Task orientation/ assertiveness= aggression
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Choose ingroup that maximises positive social identity
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Ingroup aggression restricted
In nearly all cultures
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More aggression to outgroups or former members of ingroups in
Collectivist culture
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Forbes et al
Reaction to potentially conflict-inducing situation in students in USA or China/ either about ingroup or outgroup/ 4 responses: Conflict reducing/ Verbal Aggression/ Physical Aggression/ Indirect Aggression
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Conflict reducing behaviour
China> USA/ no difference in women/ ingroups> outgroups
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Verbal aggression
USA> China/ Outgroup> Ingroup- bigger difference in men
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Physical aggression
No difference between countries/ Men> Women/ Outgroup> Ingroup- bigger difference for men
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Indirect aggression
No difference between countries/ Outgroup> Ingroup
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Cultural attribution fallacy
Differences may not be due to culture
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Gap between cultures= cultural distance= miscommunication= conflict
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Horizontal/ Vertical
Horizontal collectivism= happy for others/ Horizontal individualism= reliance on self rather than others/ Vertical collectivism= respect for authority/ Vertical individualism= have to be better than others
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Active/ Passive cultures
Active- change environment to fit self/ Passive- change self to fit environment
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Universalism/ Particularism
Universalism= Treat others same/ Particularism= treat others differently based on who they are
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Diffuse/ Specific
Diffuse= respond to environment holistically/ Specific= discriminate between different aspects
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Instrumental/ Expressive
Instrumental= worth assessed in material attributes/ Expressive= worth in social, emotional, feelings
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Treatment of outgroups- Vertical/ Active/ Universalist/ Diffuse/ Instrumental
Vertical= others are different/ Active= change environment- get rid of others/ Universalist= one person killed- treat others same/ diffuse= no distinction between people- just 'enemy'/ Instrumental= more effective warfare
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5 dangerous ideas
Superiority, Injustice, Vulnerability, Distrust, Helplessness
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... committed by firearm/ America=.../ Europe=...


42%/ 74%/ 21%

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More in Central America- linked to


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Freud's drives


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