Contexts of Approaches

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1. Milgram wanted to investigate the .............................. under control and in terms of dispositional factors

  • 'Germans do as they're told' hypothesis
  • 'Germans are different' hypothesis
  • 'Germans are more obedient' hypothesis
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2. Rahe, Mahan and Arthur's context links to

  • Selye's GAS theory
  • Freud's psychosexual stages of development
  • Attribution Theory

3. Gibson and Walk's aims were

  • to see if depth perception is innate or learned using animals and humans
  • to see if levels of obedience are affected by an authoritive figure
  • to see if conformity is affected by social pressure from other people

4. Problems with previous studies for Rahe, mahan and arthur

  • lacked ecological validity and didn't measure stress in same ways
  • were done in ambiguous situations
  • were not reliable

5. Milgram's study focused on how people became criminals in

  • Vietnam War
  • WW2
  • WW1


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