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2. Rahe, Mahan and Arthur's context links to

  • Selye's GAS theory
  • Freud's psychosexual stages of development
  • Attribution Theory

3. Asch thought that previous studies of conformity

  • did not truly measure conformity as they were conduced in ambigious, so lacked validity.
  • lacked validity as they were performed in unambiguous situations
  • lacked ecological validity

4. Rahe, mahan and arthur build up on

  • Jenness, asking p's to guess how many jelly beans in a jar
  • Friedman (two types of personality) and Holmes and Hawkins (TB in poor due to emotional effects of being poor)
  • Lashley and Russell, making rats jump for a reward

5. Problems with previous studies for Rahe, mahan and arthur

  • were not reliable
  • lacked ecological validity and didn't measure stress in same ways
  • were done in ambiguous situations


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