Social Approach

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  • Assumptions of Social Approach
    • ALL behaviour occurs in a social context, even when other people are not present
      • E.g doing something you know and being influence what you think other people may think
    • Major influence of persons behaviour is due to the society they are in
    • An individuals behaviour is effected by the situational factors they are in
    • this approach is good for explaining great phoenonenons
    • useful in explaining prejudice and discrimination
    • social factors has often been shown to have more of an affect than dipositional factors
    • underesitmates what people bring to a situation
    • only provides snapshots of behaviour
    • studies can often be unrepresentable sampls- difficult to generalise
    • lacks ecological validity-often conducted in lab
    • Reductionist and deterministic
  • Ethencentric- had to generalise to other cultures


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