core studies in psychology

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  • core studies
    • Social Approach
      • Milgrams study of obedience (1963)
      • Boccario et al study on disobedience and whistleblowing (2012)
    • Cognitive Approach
      • Loftus and Palmer study on eyewitness testimony (1974)
      • Grant et al study on context dependant memory (1998)
    • developmental approach
      • Bandura, Ross and Ross study on transmission of aggression (1961)
      • Chaney et al study of funhaler (2004)
    • individual differences approach
      • Freud study of Little Hans (1909)
      • Baron-Cohen study on autism in adults (1997)
    • Biological Approach
      • Sperry study on the split brain (1968)
      • Casey et al study on neutral correlates of delay of gratification (2011)


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