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OCR G542 exam
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Loftus and Palmer
The main assumption of the cognitive
approach is that information received
from our senses is processed by the brain
and that this processing directs how we
behave or at least justifies how we
behave the way that we do.
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Samuel and Bryant
A main assumption therefore of the
developmental approach is that cognitive,
emotional and behavioural development is
an ongoing process and that such changes
result from an interaction of nature and
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Dement and Kleitman
The main assumption of the physiological
approach is therefore that behaviour and
experience can be explained by physiological
changes. This approach investigates the
brain, the nervous system and other
biological factors such as hormones.
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Reicher and Haslam
The main assumption of the social
psychology approach is that a person's
behaviour is determined by the social
situation they find themselves in ­ their
social context
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Thigpen and Cleckley
The main assumption of the individual
differences perspective is that to understand
the complexity of human behaviour and
experiences it necessary to study the
differences between people rather than those
things that we all have in common.
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