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1. How has the "Male Gaze" been ideologically accepted in relation to Katy Perry's music videos?

  • She dances alot
  • The excessive application of lingering camera angles/ shots throughout her videos, also backed by her costume.
  • Her costumes are often not chosen by herself, but the director/ costume designer.
  • Men are made to look more superior.
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2. What makes the Foo Fighters more likely to have a larger fan group than Stormzy?

  • They're older.
  • Their genre is Rock.
  • Dave Grohl has great hair.
  • Dave Grohl.

3. Why might people that have listened to Stormzy be less likely to sit in the preferred/ dominant reading position than Katy Perry?

  • Katy Perry has been in the industry longer.
  • Katy Perry is female
  • His genre is particularly niche, and uses alot of slang in which some people may not understand.
  • Stormzy is less established within the music industry.

4. What reading position (Stuart Hall) would gate keepres rather their audience sat in?

  • Reception position
  • Dominant/ Preferred reading position
  • Oppositional reading position
  • Negotiated reading position

5. What made Katy Perry unpopular in China, and therefore made the Chinese media put that audience in a oppostitional position?

  • Her Sunflower costume that appeared to have a pro-Taiwan message, causing political unrest.
  • Her music cannot be translated to Chinese
  • The Chinese culture is very authoritarian
  • China is far away.


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