Audience and Industry Terminology

Active Audience
An Audience who does not just sit back and watch something or read something. They have their own thoughts and opinions. they don't just accept what they see. They might even interact with it
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Audience consumption
The way in which the audience an audience engages with a media product
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Audience interpretation
The ways in which audiences read and understand/ interpret
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Audience Segmentation
Where a target audience is divided up into smaller groups due to the wide range of programmers om offer
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Cultural capital
The media tastes and knowledge of an audience, that they have due to their social class
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The factual statistics of the audience
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Emotive Language
Language designed to make an audience fell emotional in some way
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How much an audience reacts to a product audience engagement can be affected by a number of factors such as the content the way they consume it
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What an audience expects from a media product. Media products should fulfill audiences exceptions to stay popular
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Something that is aimed at the masses at a large target audience
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Moral Panic
When the media repeats dramatic stories about a particular group to the point where they drum up a sense of panic in the audience about the group
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Negotiated reading
When an audience partially accepts what they are seeing in the text as true
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Something that is aimed at a very small, alternate target audience not at the mainstream
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A feeling the audience get when they think back to their childhood in a warm positive way
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Opinion leaders
People in society whose opinions are looked up to by others
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Oppositional reading
When an audience rejects the messages in a media products and does not accept them as true or accurate
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Passive audience
An Audience which does not really interact with a product or question it, Instead they sit back and just accept what they see or read as real
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Something that offers audiences a range of possible readings and does not just suggest on reading
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how the audience are encouraged to interpret a particular situation
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Pre-sold audience
When an audience who is almost guaranteed to consume a media product for a specific reason
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Primary audience
the main audience that consumes a text
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A type of active audience who enjoy producing content themselves as well
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Secondary Audience
Another audience that consumes a text apart from primary/intended audience. the secondary audience foe Skins is middle class audience who did not live like the teenagers in the programe and enjoy watching people who were able to have wild lifestyle
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textual poaching
Where an audience takes a media text and revents or interprets them in their own way
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Word of Mouth
The process of an audience spreading information about a text simply by talking about it with their friends. It is consider one of the best forms of advertising
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A plan or belief system within a group
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Brand Values
the things which a company/ brand seem to consider important
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A series of actions to achieve objective, normally to sell a product or raise an awareness
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The process of making changes to a media text to make it suitable for a particular audience
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Something that is popular and aimed at the mainstream audience
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A company that owns other companies across a range of platforms
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Cross Platform Marketing
A media product that is distributed and exhibited across a range of media
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Where media producers who make a product in one form, move into producing content across a range of forms
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The beliefs, values and customs of a media company or individual. Companies usually indicate their ethos in their charters/Policies
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A phrase used to describe the people who control the content of the news
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The continued development of the world whereby it is easier to communicate and interact with countries around the world, Often has an impact on media products as they have to try and appeal to a much wider audience
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Horizontal Intergration
Where a company buys out or takes over another similar company in attempt to become one of the biggest companies in a particular industry
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Set of beliefs
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A media product made by a company that is not mainstream and has less finical and artistic control than a larger company
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Intellectual Property
Ideas that are protected by law as coming from the mind of a specific person. This could be things like music you produce, art you create
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Media Franchise
Where a copyright/licence to a product is sold, normally leading to a long series of products based around the same concept along with merch such as toys/games
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Where one company dominates the market in a particular industry
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News Values
A set of things which are thought to be important in a news story
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Where several companies dominate the market in a particular industry
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Who owns a company
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Political Bias
When a media product like a newspaper shows support for one political party
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Public Service Broadcasting (PSB)
Broadcasting that is intended to benefit the public in some way rather than being made for a commercial profit
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The person or company that prints the magazine/ newspaper or website
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The Process by which the media controlled by specific rules/regulations telling them what they can and can't show, Ofcom is responsible for TV and radio, the BBFC is responsible for film, The Press Complaints Commission is responsible for newspapers
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A company owned by a large company
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Synergistic Product
Products that all relate to each other but which are on different media platforms
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Vertical Intergration
The process by which a company buys or starts another company so that it compete more than one stage of the production itself
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