• The establishing shot in the beginning of a clear blue sky generally connotes peace, calm, hope and 'dream like'. However, the connotations of the colour blue in this music video is subverted. As in the next shot, there is a woman looking terrified in a dentist chair with a metal contraption in her mouth. Therefore, it is clear that the music video isn't going to be as positive as it contrasts with the connotations of blue. Here the equilibrium is disrupted with the next shot of the terrified woman. On the other hand, the establishing shot also makes us of cinematic style credits at the bottom of the screen. This use of the billing block is the first intertextual reference to films and the film industry. Using this in the music video subverts the traditional conventions of a music video. However, this can suggest that the music video should be viewed as a film by the audience instead. This is evident throughout the music video where audiences are given the opportunity to interpret the music video how they want. For instance, the untidy make up of the woman's lip syncing will make…


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