AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Evolutionary Explainations

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1. This theory predicts that male activities require strength, how is this claim criticised?

  • Does not take into account female strength
  • The agility of the male is not taken into account
  • Intelligence is a key factor to competition
  • Women still have children, and carry also - Dual role
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2. How is this theory Era Specific?

  • Role of genders are changing, no longer linked to Women - Carer and Males - Hunter
  • Roles and genders have switched
  • Society is different

3. How does Buss link sexual selection to evolutionary explanations?

  • Males what women who are nurturing to care for their offspring
  • Women want males with resources - Strong and Size = Success in competition, and so are seen as attractive
  • Women want males who are strong so they can be protected

4. How does Holloway link Anderssons theory of size and strength to Animals?

  • Males chimps are 1.3x bigger than females
  • Male chimps are 3x bigger than females
  • Female chimps are 2x bigger than males

5. How does the Hunting Hypothesis link to Luxens study on interview technique?

  • Women - Nurturing, Men - Dominant and direct
  • Women - Direct use of language, Men - Caring


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