AQA PSYA3 - Aggression Complete Essays

These are the notes I've created for the aggression chapter of the PSYA3 exam for the AQA board.

They are the essays I learnt word for word for the June 2014 unit 3 exam. Although I haven't got my results yet I created similar notes at AS level and achieved 200/200 UMS, so I will let you know! 

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Social Psychological explanations of aggression
One social psychological explanation of aggression is Social Learning Theory (SLT),
which suggests that behaviour is shaped and maintained by its consequences. SLT suggests
that children learn to be aggressive by observing and imitating the behaviour of an
aggressive model. Children also…

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the nurture side of the nature nurture debate, suggesting we should take a more holistic
approach and look at both sides of the debate before assuming aggression is learnt purely
through socialisation.

Another social psychological explanation of aggression is deindividuation theory.
Deindividuation is a process where people lose their sense…

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However there are some problems with the research conducted by Harer &
Steffensmeier. The research regarding the importation model was only conducted on
prisoners within the US, rather from a range of cultures, and therefore has culture bias. We
can't be sure that if this study was replicated in a…

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aggression and impulsiveness. Mann (1990) gave 35 participants dexfenfluramine, which
decreased serotonin levels and increased aggression.
There is evidence that low levels of serotonin can cause aggression in the form of
animal studies. Raleigh (1991) fed vervet monkeys on a diet of tryptophan which is high in
serotonin. This reduced…

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One way of investigating whether aggression is inherited is by looking at twin studies.
Monozygotic twins (MZ twins) share 100% of their genes and Dizygotic twins (DZ twins)
share 50% of their genes. If MZ twins have more similar levels of aggression and therefore a
higher concordance rate, then it…

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there are many ethical issues involved with animal research and genetic engineering,
suggesting this is not an ethically viable way of investigating genes which influence
aggressive behaviour.

Evolutionary explanations of aggression
One evolutionary explanation of aggression in males is jealousy of the female partner, due
to the threat of…

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aims to eliminate the rivals offspring, leaving her free to bear his offspring so he can pass on
his genes.
There is research which supports the idea that men will display aggression towards
pregnant women. Tallieu and Brownridge found that women abused while pregnant were
more likely to be carrying…

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There is research which supports the idea that sexual selection can happen in warfare
causing aggression. Palmer and Tilley found that male youth street gang members had more
sexual partners than ordinary young males. This supports the idea that aggression in warfare
shows dominance, and is therefore an adaptive response…




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