AQA Sociology A2 - Cohen's Status Frustration

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1. Where are [the main social group that Cohen looks at] on the status hierarchy?

  • They aren't on the hierarchy.
  • Penultimate.
  • At the bottom.
  • Near the top of the hierarchy.
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2. Which of these flow charts can explain the formation & effects of Status Frustration?

  • Education leads to a > Pressure leads to an > Expectation
  • Situation leads to a > Response leads to a > Consequence
  • Value leads to a > Norm leads to an > Expectation
  • Consequence leads to a > Situation leads to a > Response

3. Which one of the studies resonates with Status frustration?

  • Willis's Lads 1977 Study
  • Corrigan's Study
  • Bordieu Cultural Capital Study
  • Parson's Warm Bath Theory

4. Which social group are the main example used in Cohen's approach?

  • (White) "Under Class" Females
  • (White) Working Class Boys
  • (White) Working Class Females
  • (Black) Middle Class Boys

5. What does Cohen say subcultures usually do to mainstream values?

  • Reject most, but keep some of them.
  • Evaluate them.
  • Invert them.
  • Consider them.


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