AQA A2 Sociology- Subcultural Theory of Crime

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  • Subcultural Theories and Crime
    • Cloward and Ohlin
      • 3 types of subculltures
        • Criminal: they work their up the hiearchy
        • Conflict: no opportunity in legitimate or illegitimate world = anger and frustration
        • Retreatists: fail at legitimate and illegitimate world = turn to drugs/alcohol
      • Evaluation
        • Doesn't look at women.
        • 3 categories seems too simplistic.
        • Only looks at W/C not M/C
    • Theorists argue that groups develop norms and values different to society's
    • A.Cohen
      • When people fail to succeed at legitimate life = status frustration so they create new deviant goals, norms and values = delinquent subculture.
      • W/C who experience material and cultural deprivation are more likely to form a delinquent subculture.
      • Evaluation
        • Focuses too much on W/C
        • Box- instead of shame and guilt from their failure they resent teachers and the M/C whose norms and values they don't share and who look down on them
        • Doesn't look at female crime.
    • Miller
      • W/C life is characterised by 'focal concerns' (things they want to achieve)
        • Being in trouble not out of it.
        • Being tough and masculine
        • Being streetwise
        • Concern for exciting activities
      • Deviant subculture don't arise from the inability to achieve success; instead it is a result of the fact that there is a lower-class subculture with different norms and values to the rest of society.
    • S.Cohen
      • Mods and Rockers- found that media played a role in amplifying deviance which created more violence.


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